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Welcome Photographers

Thank you for stopping by our Blog. This blog is dedicated to giving photographers information on credit card processing. Ever worked with a company not familiar with the needs of a professional photographer? It can be frustrating. You can rest assured that we have helped many photographers so you can get back to doing what you do best.


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Photography in Movies

Everyone likes Photography and even Hollywood has a way of including it in the movies…

Some are scary, some are love stories, but many famous actors have starred in movies where photography was in the main story line, including:

Robin Williams in “One Hour Photo”

One Hour Photo

Julia Roberts in “Closer”


Ben Stiller in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”


To see a complete list check out Resource Magazine Online

Photographer Chia Joel

Singapore is beautiful city and Photographer, Chia Joel, has captured it using abstract aerial images looking straight down.  Take a look…..

drone photography

Singapore Photography

To read more about Chia Joel, check out his Instagram:

What’s in the inside of that Lens?

Inside a Camera LensEvery professional photographer out there has spent money on good professional equipment…

We buy the professional camera body, the batteries, the memory cards, the straps and finally the lens.

But have you ever wondered what the inside of that expensive piece of glass looks like?

EF200-4–mm f/4L IS Canon Camera Lens

To read more, visit PetaPixel:

Love in an Image

Emotions are always something that show in pictures and when it comes to cute animals and love….

animal pictures

love in an image

To see more of this cute images:

Accepting Credit Cards

How you accept payments in your small business is something you shouldn’t have to think too much about.  It should be a process that is easy and affordable.  The biggest form of payment is credit/debit cards and as a small business owner you need to be able to accept them.  But trying to figure how to navigate that can be tricky and time consuming.

The first thing you have to figure it out is how you will be accepting the cards, whether it be in person or not!

There are 3 ways to accept Credit/Debit Cards:

1.  POS System - A machine you would swipe your customer’s card right then and there

2.  An APP on your phone or tablet

3.  Online - Using a web based program like

And if you aren’t sure how you would like to accept the credit cards from your client companies like ours can help you figure it all out.  There are several great reasons to call us if you are looking for help setting up credit card processing for your business!  Or if you already have it but are looking for a better deal to save money and re-invest back into your business.

1.  We are Knowledgeable with over 15 years of  Experience

2.  We can offer you deals better than your local bank to help you stay on track with your business’s fiances

3.  We can help you figure out your needs and get you all set up in a timely manner

4.  We are available by phone or email for questions and concerns

Photography Merchant Systems

Ryan Kenny


Old Photographs = History

Photographs always record history and tell us stories from the past.  Here is a collection of photos from the Great Depression taken in Minnesota.  This is just a peek into what life was like for this group of people in the 1930’s during a tough time.

colorado credit card processing

Minneapolis Gateway District 1937

photography 1930\'s1939 Brandtjen Dairy Farm

Minnesota PicturesMinneapolis 1937

To See more check out:

No Photoshop?

It’s not often these days that you see a photo that has not been touched up in some way.  Here are a bunch of photos that have not been touched…and they are amazing….

credit card processing colorado

colorado credit card processing

small business credit card processing

To see more of these amazing photos!

Last night social media and the news was all about the moon and the Eclipse!

We came across these beautiful images taken from 500px!

moon eclipse


Moon Eclipse 500px

To see more:

Ansel Adams - A story told through photos

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Photography

Ansel Adams is one of the most iconic photographers in history.  During the summer of 1943 he visited Manzanar War Relocation Camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where he documented the inhabitants of the camp.  His photos were published in a book in 1944 about Japanese Americans and in 1965 he donated his images to the Library of Congress.

Photography has and will always be an amazing way to document history, the life of people and a place in time….

To see more of these amazing images by Ansel Adams:

Photography Gone To The Dog

When Rafael Mantesso’s looked around his house after his divorce he saw his dog, Jimmy and a lot of white walls.  So, he did what any creative photographer with a bunch of white walls would do…..He created a series of photographs with his dog…

Dog photography

Rafael Mantesso took pictures of his best friend, Jimmy, the Bull Terrier surrounded by things he had drawn to fill the black white walls he was left with…..

colorado credit card processing

dog photography

To see more of these awesome pictures: